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IAMJJ "Echoes From An Inner War" vinyl

IAMJJ "Echoes From An Inner War" vinyl

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IAMJJ is a Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter/producer. With his deep and melancholic voice his music touches you right in the heart with a energetic/dark and yet uplifting feeling. IAMJJ is composing and writing all of his music by himself and co-produce with additional producers. You never know what to expect from an IAMJJ song and that is what makes his style and genre unique. This is his 3rd album

IAMJJ has since the 2018 debut been widely celebrated for his stage presence and characteristic voice. He’s music and sound is easily recognized and he has often been compared to the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and likewise.

He’s guitar playing and sound is also unique and is also a strong part of his DNA.


Side A

Intro Echoes from An Inner War

Comfy Numb

Show Me Love

Fluffy White Cloud

Little Crazy


Side B


Follow The Fire

Parents House

Demon Light


Long Hard Climb

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