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IAMJJ - "Bloody Future" vinyl

IAMJJ - "Bloody Future" vinyl

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Poetic, sexy, dark and uncompromising. His sound is worldly and grand, his voice is dark and mature, and his lyrics revolve around facades, regrets, death and having doubts.

The strong and sophisticated music of IAMJJ, has allowed the modern crooner to cast his spell on audiences far beyond his native Denmark. The 13-track debut album Bloody Future, revealing a rare breed of pop artist – one with substance.

Generous Gonzo

With an almost gonzo-like approach, IAMJJ isn’t satisfied just conveying stories – he takes part and shows us the world in all its raw candor. Basing it on his own heart, and following a bloody trail from one psychosis to the next, the young artist unfolds his new album as an almost schizophrenic and yet seamless piece. Bloody Future is a temperamental album, both demanding and generous – as the husky-voiced musician declares; “When people give me 3 minutes of their time, it’s important to me to give them back 7”.




Bloody Future

You In My Arms

Bomay Roof



Different Kind Of Blues

If I Took You To The Ocean

Super Hero Eva


Lion Of The Beach


Susie May


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